# 50 Publication on emergence and reflection in TQM

This 50th (!!!!) post relates to the fact that today my latest article has been published in the TQM Journal. It is about TQM, that I define as “the capacity to understand, switch between, and combine control, continuous improvement, professionalism, and innovation”. In fact that is the epistemic fluency of the four quality paradigms. In the article I have investigated the articles in TQM Journal of the last five years and analysed them for their quality paradigm.The TQM Journal is one of the leading journals on quality management.

The result is that the empirical (control) and reference (continuous improvement) paradigm are dominant in quality management research and the reflective paradigm (professionalism) and the emergence paradigm (innovation) are legging behind. So, in quality management, we need to invest more in reflection and co-creation!!!

Read the article that is now ahead-of-publication here.

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