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Van Kemenade’s publications are regularly cited by other scholars. According to Google Scholar, Van Kemenade had  662 citations  in total since 2004. In 2016, he had 50 citations, in 2017 37 citations, in 2018 54 and in 2019 he had 60. The year 2020 he had 71 and 2021  shows an all-time high of 118 citations. This year has 40 citations until the 25th of July.
The citations scores were:  h-index 12.0 and  i10-index  12.0.

Graph: quotes by Scholar Google till July 25th 2022.

According to ResearchGate his RG score is 23,6.

The most cited articles are:

1.  Van Kemenade et al. (2008), More Value to Defining Quality, Quality in Higher Education, 21(5): 473-485 (232 citations, SJR impact factor 1,06)

2. Van Kemenade, E.A., Hardjono T.W. (2018) “Twenty-first century Total Quality Management: the Emergence Paradigm”, The TQM Journal, 31(2): 150-166  (77 citations,  impact factor 3.25)

3. Baraki A.H. and Van Kemenade, E.A. (2013), Effectiveness of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Insights from Ethiopia’s Reform.The TQM Journal, Vol. 25, No.5, pp. 492-506 (43 citations,  impact factor 3.25)



Scientific publications in English and other languages


Van Kemenade, E.A., De Kuiper, M., Booij, M and Minkman M. (2022), How Different Quality Paradigms Undermine a Shared Value Base for Integrated Care: The Need for Collective ReflexivityInternational Journal of Integrated Care, DOI: (1 quotation, impactfactor 2,753).


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Publications and Presentations in Dutch

Van Kemenade,E.A. (2022), Emergent innoveren volgens Medusa, deel 1, Theorie. Over tien reuzen en vier vensters, uitgave in eigen beheer*

Van Kemenade,E.A. (2022), Emergent innoveren volgens Medusa, deel 2, Sills lab. Over  vier vensters en zes moeders, uitgave in eigen beheer*

(* to request free access to the books, send an email to:

Van Kemenade, E.A. (2021) De context komt in soorten, In: Ettema, R. & Beijer, L. (eds) Integratie en Innovatie in Zorg en Welzijn, pp. 221-342, Concept Uitgeefgroep

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