#48 More Reflection and Emergence in Integrated Care

This week Wilma van der Vlegel-Brouwer, Marjolein van der Vlegel and I witnessed the publication of our article in the International Journal for Integrated Care,  just before the start of the ICIC-conference.

Our article is called “Exploring the Quality Paradigms in Integrated Care: The Need for Emergence and Reflection” and that is exactly what it is about. An editorial in which we cooperated has already been published before on the same issue. Main statement is, that the current times of uncertainty and complexity require more reflexivity and emergence.

In the coming weeks on the 10th of May during the ICIC conference at 16.30 Dutch time a workshop will be held on the reflexivity part. This will be co-facilitated by Marlou de Kuiper. The title is: Removing the roadblocks on the way to Integrated Care: a perspective workshop on reflexivity. A Personalised Integrated Care Approach Workshop.  See for the introduction: ppt IFIC 2021

On May 26th from 17.00-18.00 hours a discourse session will be held during the same conference with the title collaborative deliberation. The topic is: do we need new ways of communication for integrated care? Why ? Or why not? Host: Marlou de Kuiper. Co-hosts Everard van Kemenade and Ruben van Zelm.

We are excited about it!!!

#47 New article published in the Vietnam Journal of Education

Vietnam has a special place in my heart since I first visited the country in 2004. It is a country with a rich culture and I met -most of all-  many lovely people.

When I have to explain the difference between (past) planned change and (future) emergent change, I use to show two videos: one of the 2021 military parade in North Korea and one of rush hour in morning Hanoi (my favourite city in the world). It explains so well, how emergence can solve complex problems and uncertainty, where the empirical paradigm cannot.

In my opinion as an humble outsider, the emergent paradigm could also be the next step for this moment for Vietnamese Higher Education, giving way for the autonomy of the Higher Education Institutes (since it focuses on self-organization) and more influence of the academics as well.  It would mean a breakthrough in the way Higher Education is led. “It would be the collective that co-creates new solutions”.  These statements are  published in the March issue of the Vietnam Journal of Education, that recently had its 20th birthday.



I am proud to announce the publication of this article with the title Capacity Development for Internal and External Auditors in the Complex Adaptive System of Higher Education in Vietnam. It focuses on the Vietnamese accreditation system and concludes that capacity development of reviewers, especially regarding their attitude, can largely influence the effectiveness of an accreditation system, also in Vietnam. Besides, experiences all over the world confirm that internal auditing and training of internal auditors can have an immense effect on the establishment of a quality culture within HEI’s. Especially when the external auditing is expanded with an internal audit equivalent.

The article has been presented earlier at the 1st International Conference on Assessment and Measurement in Education (VietAME), 24th-25th October 2020, Hanoi.

#46 Presentation on Emergence and New Organising. The case of the Master of Integrated Care Design

On February 4th Marlou de Kuiper, Ruben van Zelm and Everard van Kemenade presented the Master of Integrated Care Design as a case for emergence and new organising in a meeting of the LNKZ (national network of quality managers in higher education). The power point (in Dutch) goes hereby. The case is also described in English in our book: Hardjono, T. W. and Van Kemenade, E.A. (2020), The Emergence Paradigm in Quality Management. A way Towards Radical Innovation, Cham: Springer.

#45 SYNERGY summit in cooperation with Baptist Health International and fifth SYNERGY meeting

On January 21st 2020 the fifth SYNERGY meeting will take place. Because of Corona it will be a digital event.

Caroline van Oost,  managing director of Inspired Psychology Practice and Consultancy will be one of the keynote speakers. She will talk about social and psychological effects of the Corona virus. Bart van der Meijden, the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation Communication Coordinator will go into the way WYCCF has communicated in the last month on the virus.

The meeting starts with a cooperation between Baptist Health International and SYNERGY in a BHI/SYNERGY summit. Gilberto Torrez-Madriz, M.D. from Baptist Health Florida will be the keynote speaker here on 10 lessons learned form Corona.