ACT Core Business

Van Kemenade ACT provides Audits, Coaching and Training.


I discern internal end external auditing. Van Kemenade ACT can organize internal audits, provide the chairman, train the auditors in any auditscheme (like EFQM, JCI). I prefer however to work with tailor made standards and guidelines, see my sample for long term care organisations.  I can also participate in an external audit team.


Van Kemenade ACT coaches individuals and  organizations on their way to excellence in times of emergent change, creating a butterfly effect:  creating small actions with great impact.


Van Kemenade ACT provides  training in a large number of topics, like:

  • Change Management
  • Establishing an effective Quality Management System
  • Sustainability in your organization
  • Creating an emergent Strategy
  • Person Centred  Healthcare
  • Passion
  • Auditing
  • Happiness in the workplace
  • Leadership
  • Change

Van Kemenade Act can also provide all sorts of short workshops. An example of that is a one-day very intense course on Giving, Receiving and Asking Feedback in a group of maximum ten persons and another on Passion in Your Work.

For Hygiene and Safety I have a cooperation with Driessen Hygiene Totaal.

For Sustainability issues I cooperate in the Sustainability Alliance with Olivier Bello (Noesis Consulting) and Niko Roorda .